My name is Brittany but I’ve always gone by Britt. I’m a wife to a man who works harder than anyone I know and I’m a mom to 2 beautiful toddlers and one amazing fur child. I was a Jr. High Special Education teacher for a couple of years before I decided to join my mom in her preschool/daycare so that I no longer had to be away from my children. I have patience till I don’t, then I turn to God… and a glass of wine. I enjoy writing, I enjoy being real, and I enjoy being open. When I decided I wanted to start a blog, I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go in.. so I prayed for direction and will continue to do so with each post I create. I overshare, I overpost, but if my stories and if my honesty and sometimes humiliating posts can make even just 1 person smile or feel better about themselves, then I know in my heart that my over sharing is worth it. I don’t live a perfect life. I don’t have a perfectly clean house. I don’t have perfectly behaved children. I don’t have the perfect marriage. I don’t always say the right thing, I don’t always feel the right thing. My promise to you is this-my writing will be real. My words will be raw. My feelings will show. My guard will be down. And my heart will be open.