Hormonal Breakouts

So I have been meaning to post what I found that has worked for me lately with hormonal breakouts. First off, I want to remind everyone that our skin is all so different, I can’t guarantee what works for me will work for you. I’m also not an expert. These are just products that I have found that work best for my skin.

My skin type is not oily nor is it dry. It’s just kind of.. like skin. I’m not sure how to ever explain it because I never know what it actually is.

I was having breakouts most days in the months. Mostly on my chin and around my mouth. These are the typical areas for hormonal acne/breakouts so I was certain it was from hormone balance. It wasn’t until I switched my face wash to Dermologica Skin Resurfacing Cleanser that I noticed a huge change in my skin.

At the same time I added face masks to my routine so I wasn’t positive it was the face wash. However, after I ran out of this wash (I had bought a travel size to try), I then tried the Dermologica Special Cleansing Gel and after breaking out that week I figured it wasn’t the wash and kept using it. 2 weeks later I tried the Skin Resurfacing Cleanser again and my skin cleared up within that week. I haven’t gone back since. The Special Cleansing Gel has amazing reviews by the way, it just didn’t work for me. The esthetician told me it was more for oily skin so if you have oily skin, check it out.

At around this same time I added the Peter Thomas Roth Face Masks to my routine. I use one every night. I swear by these. It makes your skin purge at first which sucks but the acne heals so much faster once it’s brought to the surface. These are $25 at Ulta.

Another product I absolutely love is the Dermologica Daily Microfoliant. It makes your face so soft and clean and can be used daily. Hence the name.

After washing my face I use a Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid serum. Not sure if this helps with breakouts but wanted to let you know everything I use.

For my nightly moisturizer I use the Dermologica Water Gel. Obsessed with this. The texture and the way it makes my skin feel in the morning is amazing. Highly recommend it.

When I have a breakout, I use the Dermologica Overnight Clearing Gel. Definitely something I would recommend. It cuts the time of a pimple in half and at times I even wake up with it gone by morning. It’s not cheap, (actually none of these products are) but I found when dealing with your skin it’s worth it to drop the $$.

I also take Biotin. I have tried several different brands and found that the Natures Bounty brand worked best for me. There are several brands on Amazon that people swear by, but the Coconut Oil in a lot of them make me break out bad.

Like I said, I am no expert. Just a gal who figured what works out for herself and wanted to share in case it helps any of you.

If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out.




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