Holiday Gift Guide: Kids


Every year prior to this year we have gone with toys such as “Fisher Price, V-tech” and so forth. But after having a house full of the “popular” toys, and realizing our kids make toys out of items around the house still, we realized a lot of these toys are just a waste of money and space in the house. This year we are thinking about doing mostly DIY gifts that the kids will actually play with.

Ideas we are throwing around are the following: Santa (Drew) might be making the kids a stage in the playroom. From a very young age both kids have stood on books, stools, anything they could imagine being a stage and they dance or sing on it so we figured this would be such an exciting and a mutual gift both kids could truly enjoy. We would add 2 microphones and curtains to excite their imaginations.


Every Christmas Eve we get the kids a movie to open (that we watch on Christmas Day), and each a blanket (I’m obsessed with blankets so I’m passing down the obsession to the kids). This year Rowen asked for a mermaid tail blanket. Rylan will most likely be getting a Minion blanket.

Our kids are obsessed with playing outside AND playing in dirt and mud. So we found a small spot in our backyard that we could put a small sand box with sand toys as another idea for a mutual gift.


The kids love building things so we are looking into Duplo Legos. We have the Mega Blocks First Builders but I feel that nothing compares to the original Duplo Legos my mom has had since we were little.


Rowen (she is 3 and a half) has been asking for a Moana dress-up outfit so that is another gift idea we are thinking about. We also have gone through Pinterest with her asking her what she would want to do to her room for her to sleep in it (we obviously know this probably won’t happen but it also gave us ideas on what she likes for her room). She fell in love with a Dress-Up clothes storage closet with a mirror. We are trying to decide on making one from scratch or redoing her bookcase to make it a Dress-Up storage closet and add a mirror to it. This is another idea we have for her.


Those are some of the ideas we came up with for our children (ages 19 months and 3 and a half years old) but below I will post some ideas I found popular this year as well as gifts my kids have loved in the past!

Tent: Rowen got this one from Santa last year and we use it daily.


Thomas the Train and Train Track: Both kids LOVE this.


V-tech Camera: Both kids LOVE this.


Fisher Price Castle: Rowen plays with this every day. The V-tech one had so many pieces  that come apart and we found that our car ramp we never use because the pieces come apart all the time.


Outdoor Play House: This is perfect for under the patio. The kids love this.



Fisher-Price Bright Beats Learning’ Lights Dance Mat- Santa got this last year for the kids and I don’t think they have ever actually used it.


Target has a really good Gift Guide for Kids. Here it is linked:

Last year, gift shopping was SO much more calm than years prior because I chose to Amazon Prime everything and online shop through Target. The week of and the weeks after Black Friday, Target did AMAZING sales on their toys. I got all the kids toys for 35% off. So keep your eyes open for deals! If you haven’t signed up for the Target Debit Card yet, get it. It saves you an extra 5% and around the holidays, it adds up. (I am not affiliated with Target what so ever…I’m just a Target mom, by the way).

All in all, I found that being creative in gift giving goes so much further than buying the most popular gifts that year. Every time I’ve bought the popular gifts, my kids tend to use it once and find a box to stand on and sing on. Crawl on the floor with your kids, see where their eyes go, where their attention goes, and then use your imagination. When they think Santa made them something, their eyes will light up no matter what, even if he brought them a playhouse made out of cardboard. If you’re good at building things, build them something. If you’re good at crafting something, craft them something. If you’re good at baking something, bake them something. If you’re good at spending money, go to the store, go to amazon, and buy them something ;). Keep Christmas simple, keep your kids grateful, and remind yourself that the holidays are about Jesus, family and love, not stress and money ❤



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