This World, it Scares Me

My children,

I’m scared. This world, it scares me. It terrifies me to let go of you for even a moment-to let you explore this world without exploring it on my hip. To let you learn from your mistakes, to learn from the worlds mistakes. To experience hurt, to experience chaos. You see, I tell you to be brave, I remind you that you could do anything you set your mind to. That the sky is the limit. I tell you to not be scared, to not fear the dark because there is nothing scary about the lightness or darkness of a room. But, my children, I tell you this not out of experience, but out of envy-because If you could be brave, if you could not fear the darkness of the world, you would be living in a way I crave to be.

Be better. Be better than me. I tell you not to let the words, the thoughts, the actions of others dictate who you are and what you do, yet I delete my status when I fear it wasn’t likable. I teach you to speak how you feel, to not be afraid to show your emotions, yet I sensor my feelings and my words in a way that can drive me insane. I tell you to be unique, to not worry about how your actions might look to the outside world, yet I will over explain every action that might seem different to those around me. I tell you these things not from a hypocrite stance, but rather the desire that you will be better.

My children, this world can be scary. This life can be dark, and dark CAN be scary. But you have a mighty God, a tribe, a village of supporters, a family of warriors who will bring light to your darkness, who will help you rise when you fall, and who will take the moments of devastation in this world and bring light to them in the end. Last night there was a horrific event in which innocent individuals lost their lives due to one mans desire to do so. Every ounce of me wants nothing but to keep you both locked up in the house along with the rest of the ones we love, but I have to remind myself to follow the lessons I instill in you. Speak the way you feel, you never know when it’s too late. Be yourself, the world needs inviduals like you. But most of all, be brave-braver than me.





3 thoughts on “This World, it Scares Me”

  1. Wonderful post,

    If the sky is limit, go there. World is dangerous place indeed, and we want the best for our children. But with faith in God, with faith in oneself this world becomes less dangerous. If you believe that you are untouchable you will be .You are what you think you are.This I teach my children 🙂 Thank you


  2. the world is such a scary place. I posted about it yesterday too. it’s hard being a parent in this time, but we just have to show them that there isn’t only bad in the world. there is so much good too. and each person can choose the direction they go and the direction they see


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