Never Say Never (segment 1)

“My children will never sleep in my bed.”

If I could go back in time and stop myself from saying one word, it would be “never“. It’s such a final word, and it limits you to EVER doing something without going back on your word. This is especially true with using the word in a sentence about the future. Now let me explain my biggest “never” fails. I’ll start this segment with co-sleeping.

-“My children will never sleep in my bed.”-


For some odd reason, I was SO adamant about this one…which is weird because I slept with my parents till I was about 13 years old. From day one of being a mom, I made sure I set routine and drew lines that I would not cross. When I would have a rough night with a sick baby, my mom would ask me “why don’t you just let her sleep with you guys for the night?” I refused. For a couple of reasons, but mostly because of safety. My husband has a job in which he sees the worst case scenarios when it comes to life and death, and co-sleeping was not something that was on our list of rule breaking. For 2 and a half years, our little gal slept in her crib. But then that same little gal started to fear the dark and started to only be independent during the daytime hours. With too many nights of hour long tears and several night wakings, we decided to give this whole co-sleeping thing a shot (because after all, she was big enough for it to no longer be a safety issue). What started as a promise for a 1 night only slumber party, turned into that little gal calling the master bedroom “our” room. I would be lying if I told you I didn’t secretly love the spooning sessions with that tiny little rump, or the random little sentences that came from her dreaming lips. Yes, co-sleeping might have taken over our bed time independence as husband and wife, but guess what mom and dad…that’s why you have a couch.. or a guest room…or hey, you now have that toddler bed that is being unused! I promise, sexy time does not go out the window if you have a co-sleeper, you just have to be a little more creative. So while the ultimate goal might be to have a duo type arrangement in your bed, just remember, they won’t need nor want your snuggles forever, and when that day comes, you’ll kick yourself for ever wanting that time to fly by. Soak in their smell of fresh bedhead, memorize the sound of their sleepy voice after a good night sleep, and cherish the need they have for your presence, because I promise you this.. you’re going to miss it a lot more than you miss that extra space in your bed, and by the time you realize it, they’ll no longer need that indent in your armpit for their tiny little heads.





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